Welcome to Sushiiwa.
Welcome to Kyoto.


Here at Sushiiwa, we think that Japanese food is based on the cycle of the four seasons. Therefore, we strive to use seasonal ingredients in our sushi and other cuisines. We think that it is especially important for our customers to be able to taste the season, and provide dishes that serve to accentuate the flavor of natural ingredients. Although we are very aware of the new tastes of Japanese food today, we value and maintain its traditional roots in our cooking.


Sushiiwa opened about 50 years ago as a sushi restaurant 500 meters west of where we are now. In those days, most sushi restaurants in Kyoto only did deliveries, and many restaurants did not have counter seats. However, Iwao Ohnishi, the first owner and chef of Sushiiwa, opened a sushi restaurant with counter seats, a revolution for its time. Today, following our founder’s philosophy, we aim to be a pioneer of sushi restaurants and continue to revolutionize and reinvent the way people think about sushi.


To make a reservation, please write all the information below in the ‘Message to the Chef’ box. We will contact you either by phone or e-mail once you submit the reservation form. Your reservation will not be completed until we hear from you the second time. We will do our very best to ensure that your requests are met, though we thank you in advance for your understanding if this is not possible.

Our shop is "Sushiiwa" in Kyoto. Please be careful not to mistake other stores.
Not Tokyo's Sushiiwa!

Reservations must ask up to 3 days before.
On the Today's reservation please contact us by phone.
We are closed every Monday. We can't accept reservation on Monday.
Due to the extension of the emergency declaration, we will extend our temporary closure until Sunday, September 30th. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
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Choose from 8,800 yen for lunch and 11,000 yen, 13,200 yen, 16,500 yen, 22,000 yen, and 33,000 yen for dinner.
For a la carte, please indicate your approximate budget per person.
The prices listed here are inclusive of 10% consumption tax, but drinks and a 5% service charge will be charged separately. Please note that we do not offer all-you-can-drink packages for beverages.

Please see the menu for details.
We do not accept tips for our service. In stead, we charge 5% tip charge + 10% tax, onto your check. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this Japanese custom.
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10 min. walk from the JR Kyoto Station